Nivea Post Shave Balm as Primer?

The makeup tutorial Goddess Nikkie, known as “Nikkietutorials”  once suggested that Nivea MENS post shave balm works as a great primer. I did not even question her opinion as her makeup application is impeccable.

For those who are a little confused right now; I’ll explain to you the reasoning behind it. The main ingredient is glycerin and what is great about glycerin is that it is a great substance to apply to your face to provide a tacky base that enables foundation to adhere to the face for a longer amount of time.

I’m happy to say that I have tested this out for over a month now and I continue to use it pretty much every day. It’s great because it truly does increase the longevity of my makeup and also it’s moisturizing without making me oily.

What’s best is, I do not even feel guilty for using this everyday as I purchased this massive glass bottle (that will last a lifetime) for under $10!! If you have tried it or plan on trying it let me know.


51 thoughts on “Nivea Post Shave Balm as Primer?

    1. bellesbeautypage says:

      I personally don’t have dry skin but I know as a fact it works great for dry skin as I’ve recommended to my friends with dry skin and they love it too! It really does prolong my foundation I notice less fading at the end of the day

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    1. bellesbeautypage says:

      I have rather acne prone skin and it hasn’t caused any breakouts on me or anyone I know. As for the finish; it is a tacky, hydrating finish but it does not make me oily, it gives me a healthy complexion. Let me know if you have any other questions x

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  1. Soul Strokes says:

    Also try mixing a drop of pure glycerin to moisturizer, and then applying foundation and makeup.. That just works as decent as a primer!


  2. KandyCakes says:

    Yes! I have heard great things about this but have never tried it out! I have oily and acne prone skin, do you think if I used this as a primer that it will make my skin worse?


    1. bellesbeautypage says:

      You know what I do when I have the time and want an absolutely poreless effect; I apply this all over my face then I go in with a pore minimizing silicon type primer and concentrate it on the areas with more visible pores and it works amazingly! I have very sensitive acne prone skin and experience no reactions x

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      1. astrosunshine says:

        That’s amazing!! I’ve been using the Ulta flawless face primer but I just picked up the Benefit Porefessional primer in a pack today so maybe I’ll try the Nivea shave balm with that on my cheeks where I have the largest pores!

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